No need to shout to the world, just talk to your ideal visitors.

Make it Simple


Do those things and then get the text shined by someone who writes well, and you’ll communicate more clearly and efficiently than the horde of companies who’ve filled their product pages with the prose equivalent of cotton candy.

  1. Who is the product for?
    Ask yourself: Can the target audience tell from this copy that we’re speaking to them? Can other people outside our audience tell that we’re NOT speaking to them?
  2. What is the product?
    Ask yourself: Have we spelled out, clearly and in simple language, what the product is? Are the nouns as concrete as we can make them?
  3. What does the product do for its target user?
    Ask yourself: Have we laid out the product’s primary features and benefits in a clear, concrete way?
  4. Why is the product better than the available alternatives?
    Ask yourself: What evidence do we have for those claims? Are we presenting that evidence clearly and without fluffy, empty language that makes us look like we’re boasting?