Our organization's purpose is: _____

Insight on crafting a "tagline"

The tag line should be next to your logo (or right below it) at the top of the page, and everybody should probably have one, not just big companies. Choose a tag line that actually says something about what you are (“The world’s best source for ice axes”), not a meaningless aphorism (“Taking you ever higher…”). And if at all possible, find a tagline that tells me what differentiates you from everyone else–why I should be here instead of at some other site.

- Steve Krug, via http://managementconsultingnews.com/interview-steve-krug/

How do you know how your tagline is doing?

Try testing.

Start small. Ask your co-workers or friend to take a look at the site and it's progress. Does it make sense?

Take it to the next level by reading up on others work. Plenty of research has gone on in this niche. Take a look at the findings in this study. There's work to do to enhance people making the decision to donate.